about company

Pouyan Saffron Co. has been working on cultivating saffron crops since 2004 using the latest planting and preserving methods. As a result, the harvesting of the product has the highest quality of color (Crocin 256) and flavor. Since  2019 , with the official registration of the international brand name " farim", it has been direct exporting its products to European, American and Southeast Asia.

Also, by adding aeroponic culture in the greenhouse, the level of saffron cultivation has increased and we hope to be able to offer a higher quality product with  organic standard parameters to the domestic and foreign consumer market

Due to the fact that the first priority of the company is to provide a quality product for the consumer, this company is hoping to offer you various packaging in terms of design, coloring and volume of saffron, which can be of interest to you. We believe that you will be our regular customer by disposing of our products